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Thom Hanson

County Chair

SDEC Committeeman SD22



Bruce Vieregge

Chair - Precinct 6

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Princess Hughes

            Chair - Precinct 3            



Larry Ward

Chair - Precinct 13

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Daniel Thibodeau

Chair-Precinct 12

Hon. Gilberto Hinojosa

Texas Democratic Party


michael McPhail.jpg

Michael McPhail

Texas Democratic Party

CD6 SDEC Committeeman

Jennifer Vick.jpg

Jennifer Murphy-Vick

Texas Democratic Party

CD6 SDEC Committeewoman

Frances Mott

Chair- Precinct 11

County Chair

The official head of the Hill County Democratic Party is the County Chair, who is elected during the Democratic Primary every two years. The County Chair is responsible for developing the policies and goals on which the party will focus during the next election and beyond. Some of their responsibilities include overseeing the Primary, Candidate Filing, and other elections; chairing County Executive Committee Meetings; organizing and leading the local party; as well as overseeing and/or assisting with precinct and county or Senate District Conventions as required.

Precinct Chair

What is a Precinct Chair?

A precinct is the smallest political subdivision in Texas. Texas counties are divided into individual precincts, and it is the responsibility of the Precinct Chair to contact, guide and organize Democratic voters in their respective precinct. Precinct Chairs also sit on the County Executive Committee, which conducts the local business of the Party. The duties and responsibilities of Precinct Chairs provide fundamental services to party effectiveness.

Precinct Chairs are responsible for:

•Working with others to mobilize and organize voters and get them to the polls

•Representing their precinct on the County Executive Committee

•Bridging the gap between voters and elected officials

•Serves as the contact person for the Democratic Party in their neighborhood

Responsibilities of Precinct Chair

State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC)

The SDEC Committeeman and woman serve as liaison to County Chairs and help Party leadership organize and conduct Primary Elections, County/ Senate District Conventions, and State Conventions. ”

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