The Hill County Democratic Party 

        A Voice for All People

Primary Elections March 3, 2020

General Elections November 3, 2020

Candidate information:

The regular filing period for the primary election begins on November 9, 2019 the 30th day before the date of the regular filing deadline, which is 6 p.m. on the second Monday in December of an odd-numbered year,  December 9, 2019  

WHAT MAKES SOMEONE A CANDIDATE? Any action a person takes to seek nomination or election to public office makes the person a candidate for title 15 filing purposes. A candidate must file a campaign treasurer appointment even if the candidate does not intend to accept campaign contributions or make campaign expenditures. Once a person has filed a campaign treasurer appointment, he or she must file periodic reports of contributions and expenditures as a candidate. The obligation to file reports as a candidate lasts until the person files a final report. Additionally, a person may not accept a campaign contribution or make a campaign expenditure (even from personal funds) without a campaign treasurer appointment on file.

Candidates that have announced their candidacy.


John Delaney

Richard Ojeda